RM MECCANICA srl is an industrial reality established on the initiative of the two members Domenico Magnino and Giampaolo Rostagno, who in 2004 took over a company branch of previous business, dating back to 1989, specializing in making molds for the hot molding of steel. With the acquisition of new machinery and equipment the company soon develops an activity of production of mechanical components and manufacturing for third parties for the energy and aerospace sectors.

Next to Domenico Magnino and Gianpaolo Rostagno (respectively administrator – director and administrator- secretary), both with a twenty-year experience as operators to the machines and CAD-CAM design in the mechanical sector, it operates a team of six employees in charge of production, which have faced many years of training inside the company and are now positioned in the reference departments.

The company employs 60 workers divided among administrative, sales office , technical  office and quality , dimensional control room , production , acceptance and delivery. The productive activity spread over a covered area of about 4300 square meters.