Individuals who wish to place orders from our site do not require any registration.
Personal data will be requested at the time of purchase.

General Sale conditions

RM STAMPI srl owner of the site is registered with the Turin Register of Companies, with number 288299, Località San Martino, 7 Valperga 10087 (TO) – ITALY, VAT number 08907330016.

For all orders placed through the E-commerce site customer must first of all consult and accept the present general sale conditions. The validation click of the order implies a full acceptance of these conditions. The validation click has value of “electronic signature”.

Present general sale conditions are to define rights and obligations of the parties in the on-line sale of goods offered by the seller to the consumer according to current National Laws as well as EU regulations.

Order confirmation

Contractual information will be the object of a confirmation email to the address indicated by the consumer inside purchase order.
Proof of the transaction

Computerized records, stored in computer system in safety conditions to ensure the respect of D.Lgs.196/2003 are considered as evidences of communications, orders and payments made between the parties.
The archive of order forms and invoices is stored on reliable and durable media, for time limits established by applicable laws and can be provided as proof of the occurred transaction.
Product Information

For products described in this website we have tried to make all the information on the packaging the most visible and/or even implemented with additional technical data sheets in order to ensure the accuracy of information presented.
THE SELLER or his suppliers are therefore responsible for consequences, incidents, special damages that might result from electronic transmissions or the exactness of transmitted information even in case THE SELLER might have been aware of the possibility of similar damages. Names and brands of products or and of manufacturers are used only with the goal of identification. Pictures, description and prices of products are not contractual.

Duration of validity of offer and price
Our prices are valid for the day and/or until variation.

Modes and costs of delivery
Orders can be placed on line through our electronic shopping basket.
At time of the order it will be necessary to insert all data requested as well as address complete of street number, tax code, phone number and email address. The correct reception of the order is confirmed by a reply e-mail reporting details of the order placed, Customer is required to verify the exactness and promptly communicate eventual corrections before 12.30 of the working day as all orders are processed immediately. Customers can even place orders by telephone or email, conditions and prices are the same as those in the electronic shopping basket.

Our website is constantly upgraded to the actual stock possibilities, whether a product is not available, Customer will be contacted promptly to evaluate an alternative article.

Processing of order is almost immediate and the shipping leaves in the early afternoon, the courier makes the delivery in about 2-5 working days (festivities excluded).
At the time of goods receipt please verify carefully that the number of received goods is the same of the one indicated in shipping document, that packages are intact and that at shacking them there are no suspicious noises.
In case any of the above conditions is not satisfied , the customer must immediately challenge the shipment noting it in the document that will have to sign up to the courier: in that case signature will be placed under “received with reservation” specifying the reason for reserve (i.e. broken, open packaging etc.).

Delivery problem by the transporter

Each anomaly concerning delivery (damage, product missing compared to the delivery order, damaged or broken packages, etc.) will have to be promptly indicated on the delivery order in the form of “handwritten reserves”, accompanied by customer signature.
Customer will also have to confirm the anomaly by sending a registered letter with return receipt to the transporter in the (2) two weekdays after delivery date, exposing reclamations.
The Customer will transmit by knowledge a copy of the claim at THE ADDRESS OF SELLER. Failure to comply the above procedure doesn’t entitle the change/reinstatement of products disputed.

Delivery errors
The customer will have to express the SELLER, the same day as delivery or at last on the first weekday following delivery, any complaint about delivery failure and/or of non-compliance of products in nature or in quality comparing to entries on good order. Beyond this term, any complaint will be refused.
Formulation of this claim at the SELLER can be made at the SELLER ADDRESS.
Any complaint not made in the rules and terms defined here above won’t be taken into account and it will lift the SELLER of any responsibility towards the consumer.
In case of delivery failure or of change, any product to be changed or refunded will have to be sent back as a whole and in its original package in perfect state, at the SELLER ADDRESS.
In the event of replacement request of defective products or not complying with specifications, in order to be accepted, every return will have to be marked with a request for R.M.A., only after receiving the R.M.A. number, from the seller, the package including product in the RMA request model can be shipped.
Shipping costs are paid by the SELLER, except when it would happen that the product doesn’t correspond with the declaration of origin made by the consumer in the good sense of the return.

Products warranty

These provisions cannot deprive the consumer of the legal guarantee which obliges the professional seller to guarantee against all consequences of hidden defects in the products sold.
The consumer is expressly informed that the SELLER is not the manufacturer of the products presented on the site and that the SELLER is free from any responsibility for defective products .
For damage caused to persons or properties by a defective product responsibility lies on the defective product manufacturer therefore the consumer, on the basis of the information published on the product packaging / boxing will be able to claim against the manufacturer of the product itself.
The length of the guarantee of durable products, for sales made with VAT to resellers is one year (1 year). For sales made to privates guarantee is two years (2 years), in any case according to current laws. Warranty for products bearing an expiration date is limited to their expiration date and in any case not more than one year. All the products changed or altered by the customer or by any other entity rather than lenders chosen by the SELLER are excluded from this warranty.
Right of withdrawal (D.L. 50/92 – 185/99)

The customer (being a physical person buying the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity or without VAT) can make use of the withdrawal right that must be exercised within 10 days after delivery of goods , by registered mail with return receipt , together with the return of the goods intact in its original packaging and complete with all its parts to the company – RM STAMPI srl, Strada Valperga 27/29 – 10080 Salassa (TO).
In order to limit any damage to original packaging, we recommend to pack the goods in a proper manner . The refund excludes postage and or incidental charges . The refund will be made within 30 days from receipt . Please do not send goods by cash delivery because they would be rejected . Eventual return will have to be previously authorized by us.

Rights of use

Any use of brands on the site is strictly prohibited.

Major force
None of the parties will have failed in its contractual obligations, to the extent that their execution will be delayed or prevented by a fortuitous event of major force.
It will be considered as a case of major force any fact or circumstance compelling , exterior to the parties , unpredictable, inevitable, independent from the will of the parties and that will not be able to be prevented by them, despite all efforts reasonably possible.
The part touched by such circumstance will advise the other in the ten working days following the date on which it will have had knowledge, at this point, the two sides will approach, in a period of three months, apart from the impossibility due to major force, in order to examine the incidence of the event and agree the conditions under which the execution of the contract can be continued; in case the event of major force might last more than one month, the present general conditions may be collected by the party adversely affected, in an expressed way, are considered as major force case or incidentals, besides those usually considered by jurisprudence of the courses and Italian courts: the block of transportation, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning, blocking of telecommunication networks or even difficulties related to telecommunications external to customers.
Not partial validity

If one or different stipulations of present general conditions are considered as not validated or declared as such in application of a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent jurisdiction, other stipulations will keep all their force and their scope.

Not renounce

The fact for one of the parties of not prevailing on the other side of a lack of any obligation underlined in the present general sale conditions wouldn’t be interpreted for the future as a vindication to the obligation in question.
Applicable law

The present general conditions are subjected to the Italian law. It is so established for the basic rules as well as the rules of form, in case of quarrel or complaint, the customer will appeal first of all to the SELLER in order to obtain a consensual resolution.
Protection of personal data

All data supplied to the seller are necessary/essential to perform sale operations according to the current Italian laws and in conformity to the D.L. of 30 June 2003, n. 196, related to the protection of personal data, provides the SELLER in the person of the Holder of personal data the right of rectification, consultation, editing and deleting of reported data, it is implied that tax data won’t be deleted before the terms set by law for the maintenance of accounting data. This right may be exercised even on line.

Every order placed through the SELLER SITE implies the acceptance of the customer, and this without any restriction, of the general conditions of the SELLER.
In case of sale to a moral person, every quarrel related to sell (price, CGV, products…) will be submitted to the Italian law in front of the Civil Court or Justice of the Peace of the SELLER office.