What is the Aphrometer?

Aphrometer is a tool used by those who produce carbonated drinks – both at a professional or at an amateur level – and its function is keeping final pressure inside bottles under control and, indirectly, the quantity of carbon dioxide (or “bubbles”) in wine, sparkling wine (classic method), beer and carbonated drinks in general. Aphrometer RM is born by an idea of the two company members, Gianpaolo Rostagno and Domenico Magnino who, under request of a small sparkling wine producer looking for an easy to use tool, realize an object satisfying customer expectations.

Indeed, unlike all the models present at the moment on the market, Aphrometer RM is an easy to handle, small dimensions, content cost tool. These features make it an ideal object for professional production, but even for homebrewing: a kit for craft beer production cannot miss an Aphrometer which enables to verify in a precise manner the degree of liquid fermentation.

Aphrometer RM is produced in two versions: AFR-VN01 (for wine bottles) and AFR-BR01 (for beer bottles).

Patent Number: 0001417572

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